Apollo DAO’s Strategic Partners

Apollo DAO’s Strategic Partners

We are pleased to announce the details of our Private Round which was closed with more than 50 participants. Firstly, thank you to everyone who applied to be part of our Private Round, we were hugely oversubscribed and we had to make some very tough decisions in an effort to have partners covering as many areas as possible. If you were looking to become an Apollo Private Round investor, but were unable to, don’t worry as there will be plenty of opportunities to accumulate Apollo tokens, beginning with our Community Farming Event. In total $2.2M was raised in our Private Round at a price of $0.15.

While there has been a lot of discussion in the community about the pros and cons of bringing on VC partners, we have been very selective; only bringing on strategic partners that we believe will be able to help Apollo DAO achieve our long term goals in very specific ways. Especially with regards to Apollo DAO’s long term focus to become a decentralised hedge fund. The connections and partners we have gained through our Private Round will bring a lot of value back to our token holders, by opening doors and providing access to potentially lucrative opportunities for Warchest deployment.

Some of the key values that we were looking for in our partners were:

  • Connections across the Crypto industry
  • Market makers
  • Legal guidance
  • Tokenomics knowledge and experience
  • Marketing expertise
  • Knowledge and expertise in the Terra ecosystem

We are therefore happy to announce our strategic partners who have joined Apollo DAO.

Pantera Capital

Pantera Capital were the first investors to join Apollo DAO and we appreciate their vision and early commitment to the project. Launched back in 2013, Pantera was the first U.S. institutional asset manager focused exclusively on blockchain, now managing four funds with total assets of over $4.5B under management.

Pantera Capital have been hugely helpful in providing advice and guidance, as well as helping Apollo DAO to make not only some great connections within the Crypto industry, but also some wider connections, for example with media relations.

Moving forward, Pantera’s experience will be hugely beneficial in helping the Apollo DAO team to reach our long term objectives, as well as helping Apollo DAO with potential investment opportunities as we begin to deploy the Warchest capital.

Do Kwon

Obviously Do needs no introduction and we are thrilled to have him as an early investor in Apollo DAO and we look forward to continuing to support and develop the Terra ecosystem.


GSR was launched in 2013 and is the global leader in crypto trading and market-making. GSR is one of the most well known, well respected and oldest institutional market makers in the industry and Apollo is thrilled to have GSR as a partner.

GSR have recently made more of a push into DeFi and have also begun to look at the burgeoning Terra ecosystem. We are excited to be GSR’s first Terra based investment and look forward to providing additional exposure to the wider Terra ecosystem through Apollo DAO. GSR will provide market making services for Apollo, both on the initial DEXs on which we launch, as well as having the ability to provide liquidity on centralised exchanges once Apollo is listed.

PNYX & Taureon

PNYX (pronounced nix) is a VC fund driving early stage projects through blockchain capital markets towards a Web3 future.

Taureon is a leading investment manager and consulting firm in the blockchain space, providing technical expertise as well as a robust corporate network to provide unparalleled value to its partners, projects, and clients.

Pnyx & Taureon will be working together to provide market making services for the Apollo token, ensuring there is sufficient liquidity available for the Apollo token on both CEXes and DEXes in order to reduce slippage and provide favourable trading conditions.

Sky Vision Capital

SVC have already made a great name for themselves in the Terra ecosystem, working with a number of exciting and up and coming projects and having partnered with them we can definitely see why. SVC have provided strong legal guidance and have helped Apollo to form a fully legally compliant company and to navigate the potentially treacherous landscape of launching a new DeFi protocol.

Their advice has been instrumental and we are very grateful to have such strong advice and guidance on the legal side. If anyone is creating a protocol on Terra and is looking for legal advice and guidance, we couldn’t recommend SVC strongly enough.

Global Coin Ventures

GCV are a globally minded investment team who have spent decades in Asia and the US, founded by Joyce Yang. Joyce is also the founder of Global Coin Research, which is a tokenized and decentralized community of learners and investors in the web3 space with over 30k subscribers to their content and with over $26m invested in a range of crypto projects.

Joyce will help Apollo DAO to spread the word of what we are aiming to build to a wider audience as well as providing advice and guidance on the best ways in which to grow Apollo DAO and achieve our long term goals.

Yunt Capital

Yunt Capital may be a relatively new VC but they have already begun making waves across the crypto industry with their connection to and influence on a number of hugely successful projects. We have been very lucky to bring Yunt on as partners and they have been instrumental in refining the Apollo tokenomics to make them as strong as possible, as well as some great general advice on launching Apollo DAO and building a strong community.

Sneaky VC

Sneaky VC has a strong presence in the Solana ecosystem as well as Ethereum and has a number of very influential members of the team. Sneaky has been extremely helpful in enabling Apollo to plan, design and execute the Apollo marketing plan. We have only just begun to present some more in depth information on Apollo DAO and push our marketing to a wider audience. However, we believe that we have already been successful in building a strong and engaged early community and have a lot of exciting marketing initiatives coming up.

6K Starter

Since 2017, 6K Starter has been supporting cutting edge projects in the Cryptoverse.

They are a fusion of Angel DeFi Investors and Community Builders with a wide range of skills and backgrounds. 6K Starter has some great connections in the Terra and Cosmos ecosystem and we are always happy to partner fellow builders in the space.

6K Starter will continue to help with our market efforts and spreading the word of Apollo DAO, through community engagement, content and AMAs. They will also help us to find other projects within Terra and Cosmos that we can partner with.

Luna Influencers (Wolf of DeFi, Luna Fastlaner & Nick Flammel)

As a project, Apollo DAO is keen to support community members and influencers who have helped drive and shape the current success of Terra. Terra has one of the strongest communities in Crypto and has the largest TVL to dApp ratio of pretty much any platform. These early influencers have been key in educating users, driving adoption, as well as having the interest of the Terra community and Luna token at the heart of their consideration.

We want to both support these users both for everything they have already done for Terra, but also learn from their guidance on how to build Apollo DAO out into a purely community driven project.


Overall we believe we have brought on a great mix of strategic partners, who are well aligned on the long term goals of Apollo DAO. They will not only help us achieve them but also help us to advance what is possible for Apollo DAO, supporting our early growth and increasing the opportunities that will be available for the Apollo Warchest

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