Apollo Token Launch.

Apollo Token Launch.

Hey everyone, we are thrilled to say that the Apollo token has now launched.

You can trade Apollo and claim your farming rewards through the Apollo platform: https://app.apollo.farm/

  1. The Apollo token Contract Address is: terra100yeqvww74h4yaejj6h733thgcafdaukjtw397
  2. The current circulating supply is: 5 million Apollo tokens
  3. The max supply is: 100 million Apollo tokens

You can find more information about the Apollo token here: https://articles.apollo.farm/apollo-dao-tokenomics/

Apollo Airdrop Details:

Apollo DAO airdropped Apollo tokens to both early supporters and Luna stakers. We have been deliberately vague around these exact details to prevent people from gaming the airdrop system. We are pleased to now announce the full details.

Luna Stakers Airdrop:

The Luna stakers will be receiving a total airdrop of 1.25m Apollo tokens today. In order to make it as fair and evenly distributed across Luna holder as possible we have made a number of decisions:

  1. The maximum Apollo tokens that Luna stakers can receive for the initial airdrop is 1k Apollo tokens. This is to ensure a fairer distribution across Luna stakers, meaning that smaller Luna stakers will receive a greater share of Apollo tokens. We also wanted to ensure that our Early Supporters received the largest airdrop, due to the hard work and dedication that they have put in.
  2. The minimum Luna tokens staked to receive an Apollo airdrop is 30 Luna. We have tried to ensure a fair distribution to all Luna stakers, however due to the price increase in Luna since we announced the Apollo Luna airdrop, users with less that 30 staked Luna would have receive less Apollo tokens that they would have likely had to pay in gas to claim them.

In order to ensure that the ongoing Apollo airdrop tokens are distributed fairly to our users and smaller users, we will continue to monitor the Apollo Luna airdrop going forward.

Apollo Early Supporters Airdrop:

As well as rewarding Luna stakers, we are also providing an Apollo airdrop to our early supporters, who’s guidance, assistance and connections have been invaluable. Apollo really wouldn’t be where we are without all of our early community. For our early community we have three ranks of airdrops depending on levels of contribution:

Rank 1 (top 50 supporters): Will receive an initial airdrop of: 1667 Apollo tokens.

Ranks 2 (top 51 to 150 supporters):  Will receive an initial airdrop of: 833 Apollo tokens.

Rank 3 (top 151 to 449 supporters): Will receive an initial airdrop of: 280 Apollo tokens.

Thank you
Thank you for all the support you have shown Apollo DAO so far. This is just the beginning of the journey for us and we have some exciting announcements to come over the next few weeks and months. If you have any questions please feel free join our Discord at: https://discord.gg/2X6QmNSzg5