The Apollo DAO Launch Breakdown

The Apollo DAO Launch Breakdown

Wow, what a day. We can honestly say that gaining $200m TVL within 24 hours wasn’t something we predicted, even in our wildest estimations, and we have been completely blown aways by the support we have seen from the Terra and crypto community!

Overall we are very happy how the launch has gone so far and we have also learned a number of lessons along the way that we would like to share. But first some of the highlights from the last 24 hours.

  1. Hitting $200m TVL is the first one and we believe this really demonstrates the power and potential of Terra and the Lunatics, so we are very excited for the future.
  2. Getting listed on both DeFi Llama and Ape Board on our first day.
  3. A number of amazing content created by our community, we will be looking to collate all of these and share them with the community. It has been amazing to see people really supporting our long term goals and already coming up with some great ideas for the Warchest.
  4. Our Community Farming Event that we estimated would last around 1 month, will actually be ending in just over 2 days — We will release details on our plan to extend the CFE within 24 hours.
  5. The amount of activity across our social channels has been incredible and we have loved interacting with our burgeoning community.

What Went Well?

In terms of what went well; overall we have received some hugely positive and supportive feedback from the community, we managed to maintain near 100% uptime of the Apollo DAO site, despite unprecedented amounts of activity and deposits.

What Could have Been Better?

However it wasn’t quite perfect and we can definitely learn some lessons from this. Firstly our ANC vault was late, something that we apologise for and have taken a snapshot of the vault to reward ANC vault users down the line. What we have learnt from this is that setting deadlines can be tough in crypto, as the unexpected always happens and we also wanted to give our users plenty of time to prepare.

We have also faced a few front end issues due to the load we have seen. This has meant there have occasionally been some delays between users deposits being made and them showing up on the front end. While all the funds were safe, it is not a pleasant experience waiting for deposits to show, so we will continue working on making this process smoother and remove the need to refresh the page.

We will continue to update and improve the platform and have a number of quality of life improvements we want to make over the next few days and weeks.

Moving Forward

However this isn’t to say we aren’t hugely proud of what we have achieved so far. We believe that we managed to personally respond to all issues raised and help a number of users that have never used Terra before, something that Apollo is keen to continue to promote. We believe that no matter how good something is, it can always be improved. That is why we are keen to receive all and any feedback, so that we can make Apollo DAO as great as we know it can be.

Apollo DAO will be much more than a place to auto-compound your LPs. The scope of our plans goes far beyond whatever your expectations may be. The Apollo tokens that you have earned during this event will become your key to the metropolis of DeFi on Terra. Those who choose to support us in these early days and stand by us as we grow will be uniquely rewarded for their confidence and trust.

Thank you all for your support, we appreciate each and everyone of you. If you have any questions you feel have not been answered, or would like to provide additional feedback, please reach out through Discord or Telegram.

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