The Relaunch of Apollo - Supercharging LSD yields on Cosmos

The Relaunch of Apollo - Supercharging LSD yields on Cosmos

To all our supporters, thank you for your patience in waiting for the relaunch of Apollo. While we have developed a number of products, such as our leveraged yield farming in collaboration with Mars Protocol, we have been waiting on a number of aspects within the Cosmos ecosystem to fall into place before fully relaunching Apollo.  

And we are happy to announce that now is that time for the relaunch of Apollo.

We have deployed our first LSD yield strategy on Neutron, which will become the Apollo homebase and where the $APOLLO token will be relaunched. However this is just the first step in the Apollo relaunch and we will be deploying a number of additional yield strategies on Neutron, Osmosis and other Cosmos chains, as well as integrating our Vault Tokens into partner protocols, in order to bring the best yield and capital efficiency to our users.

Why Neutron?

Neutron is a brand new permissionless CosmWasm chain aiming to be the DeFi hub of Cosmos. With a strong focus on LSDs and attracting liquidity for wstETH to Cosmos as well as the great relationship we have with the Foundation and teams building there, we are confident that Neutron will be a great fit for the relaunch of Apollo and will become highly successful within the Cosmos ecosystem.

Why Apollo?

Apollo is designed to supercharge the yields on Liquid Staking Derivatives (LSDs), in an easy and user friendly way. Apollo will offer the highest yields for LSDs (in Cosmos and beyond), starting with our flagship ETH Vault on Neutron and following this with our concentrated liquidity USD and LSD Vaults on Osmosis.

There is currently over $20 Billion locked in liquid staking protocols, with roughly 70% of this in Lido, earning less than 4% APR. While liquid staking has proved to be exceptionally popular, accruing the highest TVL for any product category in crypto, the yield has become increasingly unattractive to many users.

Apollo will change this by offering our users and easy and low risk way to supercharge your LSD yields, starting with wstETH.

How will Apollo Supercharge LSD yields?

Apollo already has a partnership with Neutron to launch our own 7 day locked wstETH/ETH Vault, which will be offering one of the highest APRs for any liquid staking ETH opportunity.

However this is just the start and Apollo will be able to further boost yields through:

  1. Utilising our vxASTRO holdings to boost the $ASTRO APR of our Vaults (when this goes live).
  2. Offering leverage/looping of our Vault Tokens through Mars Protocol, allowing users to lever up and increase their yield with a very low risk of liquidation. The more wstETH/ETH liquidity, the higher it will be possible to leverage.
  3. Working with Yield Splitting Protocols, similar to Pendle. While this is a little further off, this will create a huge amount of new opportunities for yield, as demonstrated by the popularity of Pendle.
  4. Enabling our wstETH/ETH Vault tokens to be used as collateral to mint CDP stablecoins and synthetic ETH

What is next for Apollo?

Again this is just the start of our relaunch. Longer term as the liquid staking space continues to develop, with more opportunities for users.

  1. Enabling additional utility and composability options for Apollo Vault tokens
  2. Adding additional LSD strategies for popular Cosmos tokens,
  3. Integrating additional yield strategies
  4. Working with partner protocols to enhance the Neutron DeFi ecosystem
  5. Releasing our own LSD “meta” strategies - offering the best yield in 1 click.

As Liquid Staking, Neutron and Cosmos continue to develop, with new products released, this will exponentially increase the opportunities for Apollo.

Apollo's aim is work closely with other teams building DeFi throughout Cosmos to ensure that Cosmos and Neutron can offer the safest, most efficient and scalable DeFi ecosystems available - with Apollo becoming a cornerstone of the ecosystem.