Apollo and Osmosis

Apollo and Osmosis

For the latest update on Apollo, please check out our latest Community Update Post here.

In our latest update post we announced that Apollo would be focusing on deploying to a number of different Cosmos chains, initially with a focus on DAO infrastructure and tools that we believe would be beneficial to the Cosmos ecosystem and would be relatively easy to deploy on multiple Cosmos chains.

Today we are delighted to announce we plan to launch Apollo Safe multisig to Osmosis.

Apollo Safe is our multisig frontend for the CW3 contract, which makes asset security and management far more effective and allows non-technical users to manage multisig wallets on Cosmos. We believe that an easy to use multisig wallets is critical to the growth of any ecosystem, you can currently test our Apollo Safe at: https://safe.apollo.farm/. We will be launching our governance proposal to launch Apollo Safe on Osmosis within the week.

While Safe was initially built and deployed on Terra, we are working on making Apollo Safe fully CosmWasm 1.0 compatible, so that it can be deployed across the Cosmos. We have made a number of big updates to Safe recently, that now allow you to connect your Apollo Safe to any dApp through WalletConnect, making it incredibly easy to access DeFi opportunities with your multisig.

Apollo Safe goes beyond just being a multisig, alongside WalletConnect, we will also be launching Apollo Pay (a payment streaming contract) and the Apollo Router (which will enable more efficient trades for large swaps.)

Apollo Safe will make it easier for DAOs, funds and a range of other crypto participants to manage funds natively on Osmosis and benefit from the ecosystem, which will in turn increase liquidity and the volume, as well as reducing the barriers to deploy dApps to Osmosis. Alongside this we will also be looking to help further develop and improve Osmosis infrastructure, benefiting both Apollo and the wider Osmosis ecosystem.

We believe Apollo Safe will bring a huge amount of benefits to Osmosis over time and it is a product we will continue to develop. This is just the first step in the rebuilding of Apollo DAO, but it is a hugely exciting step. We have had the chance to speak to Sunny and the Osmosis team, who share our visions for Apollo becoming its own Appchain over time and we look forward to continuing to build products that can be deployed on Osmosis and the wider Cosmos ecosystem.

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