Apollo's ETH Vault is now Live on Neutron.

Apollo's ETH Vault is now Live on Neutron.

While some intrepid Degens have already dived into the Apollo Vaults, we are thrilled to say that our new Vaults on Neutron are officially LIVE and have been Open Sourced (Source Available).


Our primary Vault is the 7 day locked wstETH/ETH LP Vault, currently offering ~40% APR on solely ETH exposure.

This Vault is built on top of the Astroport pool, but with a 7 day withdrawal period. This means you will have to "unlock" your Vault Tokens and then wait 7 days without rewards until your LP can be claimed. In return this Vault earns the base yield from Astroport, while simultaneously receiving additional incentives directly from Neutron in the form of NRTN and AXL. The aim of this Vault is to ensure that liquidity remains in wstETH/ETH, even in the most turbulent of market conditions.

As mentioned in our previous post (https://articles.apollo.farm/the-relaunch-of-apollo/), this Vault is just the first stage and over the coming months we will continue to release and work on new integrations for our Vaults Tokens, such as leveraged farming and the ability to use Vault Tokens as collateral.

Due to its relative price stability and extremely deep on-chain liquidity, ETH is one of the best collaterals currently available. By adding compounded yield, we believe that Apollo and Neutron will become the most effective destination for those looking to maximise their yield.

This Vault will continue to receive NTRN and AXL incentives over at least the next 12 months, with a maximum value of ~$600k based on current prices and incentives scaling based on the TVL of the Vault.

The incentives will ramp up over the next few weeks in increments. Only 25% of the total incentive rate are currently being emitting, with an aim to double this to ~50% within two weeks and then 75% to 100% over the coming months. Incentives will be adjusted based on the TVL of the Apollo Vaults to ensure a constant and attractive yield.

Users can deposit a range of tokens through our Zapper to enter the Vault.

We are very excited to be launching on Neutron and to be a part of and to help support the growth of this new and exciting Cosmos DeFi ecosystem. We would be unable to offer this Vault without the direct support of Neutron and for that we are very grateful.

While our ETH Vault will be our main initial focus, alongside this, we will also be offering other high yield opportunities available on Astroport and other Cosmos DEXs, such as Osmosis - with our primary focus on Liquid Staking Derivatives.